Life after Marriage

@wordpress  Every divorce has a story. It has a list of a million reasons why it shouldn’t happen, a pile of people rooting for each side, and an insurmountable amount of guilt. Especially when children are involved. But reality is that half of all marriages end in divorce, and every marriage is at risk. When my marriage came to the very real and probable possibility of divorce, I felt I had failed. I thought that I was risking a healthy relationship with my children and denying them a normal life. But 3 years later, my failures have been triumphed by success. Learning to co-parent has defiantly been a struggle, and many tears have been shed on my journey. But my children have flourished in ways I never thought possible with two homes to feed their profoundly unique and contrasting emotional and spiritual needs. My relationship with my former husband is amicable, and the energy we once spend trying to live in a broken home is now given to raising happy children. Divorce was absolutely the biggest chance I’ve taken in life, but I have been triumphant.


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